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Office for Research Values


We were tasked to establish values, expectations, and accountability standards and processes to address

(a) a historical tolerance for bad behaviors within and outside OR, and

(b) the hierarchical structure in OR.

The Office for Research Values

In the Office for Research, we:

  • Understand Empathy

    We treat each other with compassion, dignity, and respect through listening to learn, not to confirm our views.

  • Model Accountability

    We keep our commitments, actively participate, and take ownership of our successes and failures.

  • Ensure Fairness

    We build  transparent and equitable processes, and embrace high ethical standards.

  • Embrace Community

    We build and nurture relationships between people and enable connections to grow, learn, and excel.

  • Value Creativity

    We take responsible risks and encourage autonomy to find innovative solutions and continuous improvement.